ee_wolfence.jpg - 11647 Bytes Pumpkin Carving

We did this originally in a Live sesson. The presentation of instructions is bare and to the point.

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My pumpkin patch is here.

originalpumpkin.jpg - 31740 Bytes
In IE, hold your left mouse down on the image above and drag it to your PSP workspace and let go of the mouse. The image will open. Or save and open.

Increase the colors to 16 million - Colors/Increase Color Depth

Layers/Promote to layer

Once you have your pumpkin ready to carve, select a stencil from here or use one of your own.

Hold your left mouse on the stencil and drag it to your PSP workspace. Increase the colors to 16 million - Colors/Increase Color Depth.

On the pumpkin image, we are going to select the area where the stencil will be. Using the Selection tool-ellipse or circle, select the area to be carved.

selection area

You can also use the Freehand tool/freehand and draw your own area. This is good to use when you are using a part of a pumpkin in a pile.

Draw your area and leave selected-do not deselect. The marching ants, Selection marquee, will be around the area.

Go to the stencil.

There are 2 methods I use for this next step, depending on their results. The first is to use the Magic Wand to select all the white, non-stencil part. Then Selections/Invert to have the lines selected. You can use the Tolerance to include more shades.

The second is to select the lines. With the magic wand - Tolerance set to 50 (tolerance may need to be increased for some stencils that are not totally black lines), select the black of the stencil. Hold down the Shift key and click on all the black areas.

Click on Copy and Paste as new image to see if you have it all selected. If so, close that test screen and then right click on the top bar of the pumpkin image and choose PASTE INTO SELECTION.

Copy and paste it into the selection.The selected black lines of your stencil will be inside the area you selected on your pumpkin.

Save as .psp often
Save your work as cut1.psp

You now have the stencil still selected and ready to fill.
Set your colors to black.

Flood Fill
Click anywhere inside the spider.

We will do a few fill variations. First a simple candle glow.

Set your Styles Foreground- gradient
I used the Autumn Gradient - Style - Sunburst

In the gradient dialogue, Click on Edit. I edited the gradient by pulling all the colors to the left. On the first edit bar- drag the color markers below the bar and the color diamonds above the color bar to the left, eliminating most of the dark colors.

With the Flood fill, left click in the selection.

Do not deselect.

Should be Floating

You could stop at this point.

Hit CTRL+D to deselect. Save as .jpg

But we are going to continue adding a cutout.

If you deselected already, just hit Undo.

With the filled area still selected, go to Effects/3D Effects/Cutout and use these settings

Vertical 3
Horizontal 1
Opacity 75
Blur 6.3
Shadow color Black
Fill interior checked and color is #EDA925 or some orangy color

Hit CTRL+D to deselect.
Save as .jpg

We will now do Zonie's Wolf cutout.

wolfblackcutoutZ.jpg - 19807 Bytes

Go to Stencils and drag the wolf stencil and a pumpkin to your PSP workspace.

Selection Tool-Ellipse

Select an oval on the front of the pumpkin.

On the wolf stencil

Magic wand and Shift to select all the white inside all the cutout areas.

Copy and go to the Pumpkin image and right click on the top bar and Paste-Into Selection.

That will paste all of the white selected areas on the pumpkin.

With the whites still selected,
Effects/3d Effects/Cutout
Vertical -18
Horizontal -18
those are minus 18

Opacity 69
Blur 5

I personally like Blur - 1 here

Shadow Black
Fill checked- If you need a pumpkin fill color - #EDA925 is one I used.



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